Big hands oh big hands, Let it be bigger and bigger

Animation: Lei Lei
Music: Li Xingyu
Story: Kweichee Lam
Running time: 6mins

This story takes place in a city, in which all of the citizens have very big hands. One child, however, is special. He has tiny hands, and his head full of peculiar thoughts. The boy constantly talks to people about these thoughts, but they dislike his long-windedness and eventually ignore him. He is very lonely. The only he does is talking to the walls.
(The film is project of “Think+ 2012, Shanghai”)

Dialogue list:
Big hands oh big hands,
Fingers dance like Rolling Pin
Nice and swift
Palm feels like Bouncing Bed
Big hands oh Big hands
Apples turn into Gummy Bears
Nice and swift
This is made by “Big Hands”